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Establishing of “IDGC of the South” JSC is an indispensable part of approved project of reforming of Russian power industry, which presupposes interregional integration of newly established companies after the subdivision.

Key events and dates of reforming of power energy are described in section “Reform”.

“IDGC of the South” JSC was registered on June 28, 2007 on the basis of decision of sole founder – RAO “UES of Russia” JSC (order of RAO “UES of Russia” JSC No.192p dated 22.06.2007).

Later Management board of RAO “UES of Russia” that fulfilled the functions of extraordinary general meeting of “IDGC of the South” JSC shareholders (Minutes No.1795pr/6 dd. 25.12.2007), as well as general meetings of shareholders of five distribution grid companies (DGS) – “Astrakhanenergo” JSC, “Volgogradenergo” JSC, “Kubanenergo” JSC, “Rostovenergo” JSC, “Kalmenergo” JSC have adopted decisions on reorganization of companies by joining them to “IDGC of the South” JSC.

On March 31, 2008 notes on termination of activities of affiliated to “IDGC of the South” JSC companies (“Astrakhanenergo” JSC, “Volgogradenergo” JSC, “Rostovenergo” JSC, “Kalmenergo” JSC) were introduced to Uniform State Register of Legal Entities.

From that moment “IDGC of the South” JSC carries out the activity as Operation Company.

Till 01.12.2010 “IDGC of the South” JSC was performing functions of sole executive body of “Kubanenergo” JSC.

Now “IDGC of the South” JSC occupies dominant position on market of rendering services on distribution of electric energy in Southern federal district, is a part of group of companies “Holding IDGC” JSC - one of the largest infrastructure companies of Russia that controls about eighty percent of distribution grid complex of country.

Open Joint Stock Company “Interregional Distribution Grid Company of the South” is responsible for electric power transmission via grids of 110 kV and lower on the territory of the following territorial subjects of RF: Rostov, Astrakhan and Volgograd Areas, Republic of Kalmykiya.

“IDGC of the South”, JSC maintains about 330 thousand square kilometers of overall territory with the population nearly 9 million. The extension of air and cable power transmission lines in Company’s service is about 160 thousand kilometers. Staff number is more than 15 thousand 6people.